Worm Count Test Kit


Introducing our Worm Count Test Kit, a simple and effective solution for monitoring your dog or cat’s worm infestation and the effectiveness of your current worming treatments. With clear benefits and ease of use, this kit empowers pet owners to take proactive measures in their pet’s health management.

Key Features:

– Comprehensive Testing: This test kit provides valuable insights into your pet’s worm infestation status, indicating whether your pet has worms, if your current wormer is effective, and whether chemical treatments are necessary.
– Suitable Situations: Recommended for various scenarios, including raw feeders, pets prone to fleas (as immature fleas carry tapeworm), those seeking to avoid unnecessary chemical treatments, and individuals wanting to ensure the efficacy of their current worming regimen.
– Convenient and Cost-effective: By enabling you to worm less frequently while ensuring protection, this kit saves you time and money in the long run.
– Easy to Use: The kit includes detailed instructions and all necessary components, such as disposable gloves, collection spoons, smell-proof bags, an outer bag, and a freepost envelope for hassle-free sample submission.

How It Works:

1. Sample Collection: Collect a sample of your dog or cat’s feces using the provided spoon and place it in the smell-proof bag included in the kit.
2. Packaging: Put the sample bag into the freezer bag provided, fill out your details on the enclosed form, and place everything into the freepost envelope.
3. Submission: Post the sample in any postbox. There’s no need to visit a post office.
4. Results: The sample is sent directly to the lab for testing, and the results are emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

What’s Included:

– Full instructions for easy use.
– Disposable gloves for hygiene.
– Collection spoons for sample collection.
– Smell-proof bags to preserve the sample.
– Outer bag for secure packaging.
– Freepost envelope for convenient submission.

With our Worm Count Test Kit, you can stay informed about your pet’s health status and make informed decisions about worming treatments. Whether you’re looking to minimize chemical exposure, ensure the efficacy of your current regimen, or monitor your pet’s health more closely, this kit provides the tools you need for peace of mind and proactive care.


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