Whole Lamb Hearts


Indulge your pet with the nutrient-rich goodness of Whole Lamb Hearts, a wholesome and satisfying treat that your furry friend will love. Each pack contains four whole lamb hearts, providing a natural and nutritious snack that supports your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Key Benefits:

Rich in Essential Nutrients: Whole Lamb Hearts are packed with vital nutrients that make them a valuable addition to your pet’s diet. As a constantly working muscle, lamb hearts are super-rich in protein, which is crucial for muscle development and maintaining overall health. This high protein content ensures your pet gets the necessary building blocks for strong and healthy muscles.

Balanced Nutritional Profile: With a typical analysis per 100g indicating 118.8 calories, 75.6% moisture, 17.1% protein, 5.6% fat, 1% ash, and 0% fiber, Whole Lamb Hearts offer a balanced nutritional profile. This balance supports your pet’s overall well-being, providing a mix of protein, fat, and moisture that contributes to a healthy diet.

Delicious and Nutritious: The natural flavor of lamb hearts makes them an irresistible treat for pets. They are not only tasty but also nutritious, ensuring that your pet enjoys their snack while benefiting from its nutritional value. This combination of taste and nutrition makes Whole Lamb Hearts a perfect treat for any occasion.

Recommended Portion: While heart is classified as meat for animals, it’s important to note that it should only make up 5% of the meat portion of your pet’s diet. Due to its richness, it’s advisable to introduce lamb hearts gradually, especially if your pet is trying them for the first time. Starting with small portions ensures that your pet adjusts well to this new addition.

Premium Quality: Our Whole Lamb Hearts contain only one ingredient: whole lamb hearts. Sourced from trusted suppliers, these lamb hearts are of premium quality, ensuring that your pet receives a pure and natural treat free from artificial additives or preservatives. This dedication to quality guarantees a healthy and safe treat for your pet.

Feeding Recommendations: Offer Whole Lamb Hearts as a special treat or reward, ensuring they are served in moderation as part of a balanced diet. If feeding lamb hearts for the first time, start with small portions and gradually increase the amount over time. Monitor your pet’s reaction to the new treat and adjust accordingly.

Treat your pet to the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of Whole Lamb Hearts. With their natural flavor and abundance of nutrients, these treats are sure to become a favorite snack for your furry companion. Ensure your pet enjoys a healthy, balanced diet with the addition of these premium-quality lamb hearts.

Additional information


Main Ingredient: Whole lamb hearts

Typical Analysis

Typical Analysis (per 100g):

– Calories: 118.8
– Moisture: 75.6%
– Protein: 17.1%
– Fat: 5.6%
– Ash: 1%
– Fiber: 0%


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