Verm-X Intestinal Hygiene Control Supplement


Introducing Verm-X Intestinal Hygiene Control Supplement, available as a potent tincture developed by veterinarians to support your pet’s digestive health. Verm-X offers a natural and effective solution for maintaining intestinal hygiene in dogs of all sizes.

Product Overview:

Verm-X Liquid for Dogs is a veterinary-developed supplement designed to promote intestinal hygiene control. This powerful formula is available in a convenient tincture format, providing an economical alternative for larger kennels and working dog environments. With Verm-X, you can ensure your canine companion receives the essential support they need for optimal digestive health.


– Veterinary-developed formula
– Designed for monthly use
– Suitable for dogs of all sizes
– Available in a 250ml bottle


Verm-X Tincture contains a blend of natural ingredients carefully selected for their beneficial properties:

– Cinnamon
– Garlic
– Common Thyme
– Peppermint
– Fennel
– Cleavers
– Nettle
– Slippery Elm
– Quassia
– Elecampane


For best results, Verm-X Liquid should be administered daily throughout the year. Follow the recommended dosage based on your dog’s size:

– Small breeds (e.g., Jack Russell): 2ml per day
– Medium breeds (e.g., Labradors): 4ml per day
– Large breeds (e.g., Newfoundland): 6ml per day

Adjust the dosage according to your dog’s individual needs and weight. As a general guideline, one small dog requires 15ml of Verm-X Liquid per month, while one medium dog requires 30ml per month, and one large dog requires 45ml per month.


– Supports intestinal hygiene control
– Promotes digestive health
– Natural and effective formula
– Economical option for larger kennels
– Convenient tincture format

With Verm-X Intestinal Hygiene Control Supplement, you can provide your dog with the essential support they need for a healthy digestive system. Trust Verm-X to deliver high-quality, veterinary-developed solutions for your pet’s well-being.

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