Urine Off LED Urine Finder


Introducing the Urine Off Hi-Power LED Urine Finder, a revolutionary tool designed with powerful ultraviolet technology to help you locate hidden urine deposits with ease.

Key Features:

– Ultraviolet Technology: The Urine Off LED Urine Finder utilizes advanced ultraviolet (UV) light technology to detect hard-to-find urine deposits. The high-power LED emits UV light, causing dried urine to fluoresce and glow a dull yellow color, making it visible even in low light conditions.

– Efficient Cleaning: With the ability to reveal invisible urine deposits, this urine finder enhances cleaning efficiency by pinpointing areas that require thorough cleaning. Say goodbye to lingering odors and ensure a fresh and hygienic environment for you and your pets.

– Easy to Use: Simply turn on the LED Urine Finder and scan the area with the UV light. The crystalline structure of dried urine will illuminate, allowing you to identify and target specific spots for cleaning. Its lightweight and portable design make it convenient to use around the house.

Made From:

– The Urine Off LED Urine Finder is crafted with high-quality materials and advanced ultraviolet technology. While the specific composition is proprietary, rest assured that it is designed for durability and performance.


– The dimensions and specifications of the Urine Off LED Urine Finder are not provided, as its design focuses on functionality rather than size.

Whether you’re a pet owner, professional cleaner, or veterinary professional, the Urine Off Hi-Power LED Urine Finder is an essential tool for maintaining a clean and odor-free environment. Its innovative technology and user-friendly design make it the ideal solution for detecting and eliminating hidden urine stains effectively.

Don’t let invisible urine deposits go unnoticed. Invest in the Urine Off LED Urine Finder and discover a new level of cleaning efficiency and convenience. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and enjoy a fresh and hygienic living space for you and your furry friends.

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