Super Stick Family


Introducing the Super Stick Family – a tougher, safer, and more entertaining version of the original Stick Family designed for your dog’s spirited play at the park. Crafted with durability and canine enjoyment in mind, these sticks are made from robust, natural rubber, ensuring they can handle the rough and tumble of interactive play. Unlike real sticks, these toys prioritize safety and fun, making them the ideal fetch companions for your furry friend.

Made From:
– Crafted from durable, natural rubber
– Glow in the dark eyes for added visibility
– Rope for easy gripping and preventing slobbery hands

These sticks boast a tougher constitution compared to their predecessors, ensuring they can withstand the energetic playstyle of your dog at the park. Crafted from durable, natural rubber, these toys offer a safe alternative to real sticks, eliminating the risks associated with splintering or sharp edges. The inclusion of glow-in-the-dark eyes not only adds a playful touch but also enhances visibility, making these Super Sticks suitable for day or night-time play.

Equipped with a convenient grip for grappling, these toys feature a rope that serves multiple purposes. Not only does it allow you to maintain a comfortable distance from your dog’s slobbery play, but it also provides an easy way to hang the stick by the front door, always ready for your dog’s next adventure.

However, it’s crucial to note that these sticks are not designed for hard chewing. For the safety of your pet, it’s recommended not to leave them alone to chew on these toys. Instead, these Super Sticks shine in fetching and playing scenarios, providing your dog with a dynamic and engaging playtime experience.

Enhance your dog’s playtime with the sticks – the ultimate fetching companion for the park or backyard. The thoughtful design, durable construction, and safety features make these toys a standout choice for interactive play. Whether you’re enjoying a game of fetch or letting your dog show off their grappling skills, the Super Sticks are the perfect addition to your canine’s toy collection.

In summary, the Super Sticks are designed to withstand rough play, prioritize safety, and add an extra element of fun to your dog’s playtime. Made from durable, natural rubber with glow-in-the-dark eyes and a handy grip, these toys are not just a safer alternative to real sticks – they’re a canine companion ready for hours of fetching and playing joy.

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