Smoked Ostrich Fillets


Introducing our latest addition to the treat lineup: Smoked Ostrich Fillets. Crafted from 100% prime ostrich steak, these fillets offer a delectable combination of flavor and nutrition that your dog won’t be able to resist. Slightly soft yet delightfully chewy, these fillets are perfect for indulging your furry friend anytime, anywhere.

Key Features:

– 100% Natural: Our Smoked Ostrich Fillets contain no additives, no preservatives—nothing but pure ostrich goodness. You can trust that your pet is getting a wholesome, natural treat every time.
– Responsibly Sourced: We take pride in sourcing our ostrich meat from reputable suppliers who adhere to the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainability.
– Hypoallergenic: Ideal for dogs with food sensitivities, these fillets are hypoallergenic, making them a safe and delicious option for pets with allergies or intolerances.
– Super Low in Fat: With their low-fat content, these fillets offer a guilt-free indulgence for dogs watching their waistlines without compromising on taste.
– Rich in Vitamins and Minerals: Naturally packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including iron and zinc, these fillets contribute to your pet’s overall health and well-being.
– Grain and Gluten-Free: Free from grains and gluten, these fillets are suitable for dogs with dietary restrictions or sensitivities to common allergens.
– Suitable for Puppies: Perfect for puppies over 12 weeks old, these fillets provide a nutritious and flavorful snack to support their growth and development.
– Healthy and Nutritious: Whether enjoyed as an anytime treat or used for training purposes, these fillets offer a healthy and nutritious option that your pet will love.

Versatile Treat Option:
These Smoked Ostrich Fillets can be enjoyed whole as a satisfying snack or broken into smaller pieces for training rewards. Their irresistible flavor and chewy texture make them a versatile treat option for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Treat your beloved companion to the irresistible taste of our Smoked Ostrich Fillets—an all-natural, hypoallergenic, and nutritious snack that will keep tails wagging and taste buds happy.

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