Raw Meat Supplement with No Calcium


Introducing our Raw Meat Supplement with No Calcium, specially formulated for dogs and cats to complement raw meat diets containing bones. Designed to provide essential vitamins and minerals without additional calcium, this supplement ensures your pet receives balanced nutrition according to European guidelines.

Key Features:
– Balanced Nutrition: Our supplement contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals required for the optimal health of dogs and cats, tailored for raw meat diets that already include sufficient amounts of calcium from bones.
– Calcium-Free Formula: Specifically formulated without calcium, this supplement is ideal for raw meat diets containing meaty bones, ensuring pets receive vital nutrients without excessive calcium intake.
– Comprehensive Formula: Our supplement includes a range of vitamins and minerals essential for the overall well-being of your furry companions, supporting various bodily functions and promoting overall health.
– Versatile Use: This supplement is suitable for various dietary scenarios, including self-composed raw meat diets containing meaty bones but lacking in variation, complementary minced meat mixtures containing bones, or when there are concerns about nutritional completeness.
– Easy Administration: Packaged in a convenient 500g tub with a 4g dosage scoop included, our supplement offers hassle-free daily dosing, ensuring simple and precise administration for pet owners.

Why Choose This Supplement?
– Calcium-Free: Our supplement is specially formulated without calcium, making it an ideal choice for raw meat diets already containing sufficient calcium from bones.
– Multi-Mineral Support: Beyond calcium, our formula includes a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals essential for supporting various bodily functions, ensuring your pet’s overall nutritional needs are met.

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– Easily administer daily doses using the provided measuring spoon, ensuring accurate and effortless supplementation for your pet’s diet.

Enhance your pet’s raw meat diet with our Raw Meat Supplement with No Calcium, providing essential vitamins and minerals without excess calcium for optimal health and vitality. Whether your pet requires bone-containing meal options or needs additional nutritional support, our supplement offers a convenient and effective solution for pet owners seeking to optimize their furry friend’s diet.

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