Raw Chicken Hearts


Indulge your pet with the natural goodness of Raw Chicken Hearts, available in convenient 1kg packs. These freshly frozen chicken hearts are a wholesome and nutritious treat suitable for cats and dogs of all sizes. Whether served raw or cooked/dehydrated into delightful treats, these chicken hearts are sure to delight your furry companions.

Key Features:
– Fresh and Frozen: Packed with freshness, these raw chicken hearts are frozen to preserve their natural flavor and nutrients, ensuring optimal quality.
– Versatile Usage: Ideal for both cats and dogs, these chicken hearts can be served as a standalone treat or cooked/dehydrated to create delicious homemade snacks.
– Nutrient-Rich: Made from 100% chicken hearts, these treats are a rich source of protein, essential for muscle development and overall health.
– All-Natural: Crafted with care, these treats contain no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients, offering a wholesome treat option for your pets.

– 100% Chicken Hearts

Typical Analysis:
– Protein: %
– Oil: %
– Moisture: %

With their irresistible taste and nutritional benefits, Raw Chicken Hearts are a fantastic addition to your pet’s diet. Whether served as a standalone treat or incorporated into homemade recipes, these treats provide a healthy and satisfying option for your beloved pets. Treat them to the goodness of raw chicken hearts and watch them wag their tails with joy!

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