Raw Chicken/Duck Gizzards


Treat your furry friends to the irresistible goodness of Raw Chicken or Duck Gizzards, available in convenient pack sizes. These freshly frozen gizzards are a nutritious option for both cats and dogs, and can also be dehydrated or cooked to create tasty homemade treats.

Key Features:
– Variety of Options: Choose from freshly frozen chicken gizzards available in 1kg packs or duck gizzards in 500g packs, providing flexibility to suit your pet’s needs.
– Versatile Usage: Ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes, these gizzards can be served raw or prepared into delicious treats by dehydrating or cooking.
– High-Quality Sourcing: Our chicken gizzards are sourced from The Dogs Butcher, known for their free-range products, while our duck gizzards come from Durham Animal Feeds, offering high-quality human-grade ingredients.
– Nutrient-Rich: Made from 100% raw chicken or duck gizzards, these treats are packed with essential nutrients, including protein, which supports muscle development and overall health.

– 100% Raw Chicken Gizzard
– 100% Raw Duck Gizzard

Typical Analysis:
– Chicken Gizzards:
– Water: 72.5%
– Protein: 14.2%
– Fat: 9.8%
– Ash: 0.9%
– Fibre: 0.1%

– Duck Gizzards:
– Water: 72.5%
– Protein: 14.2%
– Fat: 9.8%
– Ash: 0.9%
– Fibre: 0.1%

Indulge your pets with Raw Chicken or Duck Gizzards, packed with natural flavor and nutrients. Whether served as a standalone treat or transformed into homemade delights, these gizzards are sure to satisfy your pet’s cravings and provide them with the nourishment they need to thrive. Treat your furry companions to the wholesome goodness of raw gizzards today!

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Durham Animal Feeds Chicken 1kg, The Dogs Butcher Chicken 1kg, The Dogs Butcher Duck 500g


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