Rabbit Ears – All types


Indulge your canine companion with our completely natural guilt-free treats—rabbit ears that offer a blend of irresistible taste and health benefits. Crafted to cater to dogs with sensitive digestion and allergies, these treats are low in both odor and fat, making them an ideal snack option for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Key Features:
– Hypoallergenic: Our rabbit ear treats are hypoallergenic, ensuring they are suitable for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.
– Low Odor: With minimal odor, these treats are perfect for indoor snacking, ensuring a pleasant experience for both you and your dog.
– High Protein Content: Rich in protein, these treats provide essential nutrients to support your dog’s muscle development and overall health.
– Easy to Digest: Designed for easy digestion, these treats are gentle on your dog’s stomach, reducing the risk of digestive discomfort.
– No Additives: Free from additives and artificial ingredients, our rabbit ear treats offer a pure and natural snack option for your furry friend.
– Versatile Usage: Whether used as a quick snack between meals or to keep your dog occupied, these treats serve as a versatile option for rewarding your pet’s good behavior.

Typical Analysis:
– Dried: Protein: 51.5%, Fat: 19.4%, Humidity: 10.5%, Ash: 4%
– Hairy: Crude Protein: 65%, Crude Fat: 28.5%, Moisture: 5%, Ash: 1.9%
– Puffed: (Typical analysis not provided)

– 100% Rabbit Ears

Treat your beloved canine companion to the wholesome goodness of our rabbit ear treats—naturally delicious, nutritious, and suitable for dogs with diverse dietary needs.

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Dried 100g, Hairy 100g, Puffed 100g, Hairy 500g, Dried 1kg, Hairy 1kg


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