Pure Meat Training Treats


Experience the pure essence of meat with JR’s Pure Meat Training Treats, meticulously crafted in Europe using only the finest, 100% PURE MEAT ingredients. Sourced from premium suppliers and air-dried to perfection, these treats offer a healthy and irresistible option for your beloved canine companion. Each bite is packed with the natural goodness of pure meat, without any added grains or gluten. Whether used as a daily indulgence or as a reward during training sessions, JR’s Pure Meat Training Treats are the epitome of quality and nutrition for your pet.

Key Features:
– Crafted from 100% pure meat
– Sourced and made in Europe
– Premium, human-grade ingredients
– Ideal for daily or occasional treats, as well as training
– Grain and gluten-free
– No preservatives or additives
– Convenient resealable pouch ensures freshness
– Bite-sized pieces suitable for dogs of all sizes

– 100% Selected Protein

Typical Analysis:
– Duck: 46% Protein, 24% Oils & Fats, 8% Moisture, 7% Ash
– Rabbit: 47% Protein, 8% Oils & Fats, 9% Moisture, 6% Ash
– Seabass: Protein 68.5%, Oils and Fats 17%, Moisture 7.6%, Ash 5.2%
– Beef: Protein 42%, Oils and Fats 11%, Moisture 8.5%, Ash 7.5%
– Venison: Protein 64%, Oils and Fats 5%, Moisture 10%, Ash 9%

Treat your furry friend to the unparalleled quality and flavor of JR’s Pure Meat Training Treats. With their wholesome ingredients and delectable taste, these treats are sure to delight your dog’s senses while providing essential nutrition. Plus, the resealable pouch ensures that every bite remains fresh and irresistible.

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