Puffed Buffalo Tail


Introducing the Puffed Buffalo Tail, a healthy and satisfying chew that offers both toughness and long-lasting enjoyment for your canine companion.

Product Description:
Crafted to provide a wholesome chewing experience, the Puffed Buffalo Tail is tougher and longer-lasting compared to other chews. Its puffed texture makes it more chewy and satisfying, ensuring that your dog stays entertained while promoting dental health through natural chewing action.

Key Features:
– Healthy Chew: Made from 100% Buffalo, this chew offers a natural and nutritious option for your dog’s chewing needs.
– Tough and Long-Lasting: The Puffed Buffalo Tail is designed to withstand heavy chewing, providing hours of entertainment and mental stimulation for your pet.
– Lower in Fat: Puffed products are known for being lower in fat compared to traditional chews, making them a healthier option for dogs watching their weight.
– Chewy Texture: The puffed texture of this chew adds to its appeal, offering a satisfying chewing experience that dogs love.

– The Puffed Buffalo Tail is crafted from 100% Buffalo, ensuring a high-quality and natural chew that your dog will enjoy.

Typical Analysis:
– Crude Protein: 68.8%
– Crude Fat: 17.8%
– Moisture: 9.4%
– Crude Fibre: 0.7%
– Ash: 9.94%

Feeding Recommendations:
As with any chew or treat, it’s essential to supervise your dog while they enjoy the Puffed Buffalo Tail. Always ensure there is a bowl of clean, fresh water available for your pet.

Overall, the Puffed Buffalo Tail is a fantastic choice for pet owners looking for a durable, natural, and healthy chew for their beloved canine companions. With its tough texture, long-lasting enjoyment, and nutritional benefits, it’s sure to become a favorite in your dog’s treat rotation.

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