Paw Go Slow Pet Feeder


Make mealtime an interactive and enjoyable experience for your furry friend with the PAW Slow Feeder. Designed to promote healthy eating habits and reduce the risk of bloat, this innovative feeder is both fun and functional.

Key Features:
– Unique Design: The PAW feeder features a playful paw-shaped plate that divides food into multiple mini bowls, encouraging your pet to eat slowly.
– Slow Feeding System* Equipped with two standard bowls, two slow feeding bowls, and a center area with multiple mini bowls, this feeder effectively slows down eating speed and prevents gulping.
– Stability: Four large anti-skid rings ensure superior stability, minimizing the risk of tipping over and providing a secure feeding experience.
– Safe Materials: Crafted from human standard food-grade materials, the PAW feeder is free from BPA and PVC, ensuring the safety of your pet’s food.
– Dishwasher Safe: Easy to clean, this feeder is dishwasher safe (top rack), allowing for hassle-free maintenance and hygiene.
– Vibrant Colors: Available in vibrant orange, blue, and green colors, the PAW feeder adds a pop of color to your pet’s mealtime routine.

– Materials: Made from high-quality, food-grade materials that are safe for pets.
– Size: Available in a standard size suitable for most dogs and cats.

Transform mealtime into an engaging and beneficial activity with the PAW Slow Feeder. By encouraging slower eating habits, this feeder promotes better digestion and overall well-being for your beloved pet. Choose from a range of vibrant colors and treat your furry friend to a fun and functional feeding experience!

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Orange, Blue, Green


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