Organic Irish Kelp Powder


Elevate your pet’s well-being with our Irish Kelp for Pets, a meticulously crafted blend of three different kelps sustainably grown and responsibly harvested off the pristine shores of the West coast of Ireland. Unlike single-variety kelp supplements, our blend offers a broader spectrum of nutrients and benefits, enriching your pet’s diet with bio-available micronutrients, trace elements, vitamins, and minerals.

Key Features:

– Triple Blend: Our unique blend of three different kelps ensures a diverse array of nutrients, promoting holistic health for your beloved pet.
– Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize sustainability in our harvesting practices, ensuring minimal impact on the marine ecosystem while preserving the natural beauty of Ireland’s coastal waters.
– Bioactive Compounds: Our Irish Kelp for Pets is rich in bioactive compounds, each offering distinct health benefits:
– Alginic Acid: A soluble dietary fiber that supports digestive health, promoting a healthy gastrointestinal tract.
– Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin: These compounds exhibit potent anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-tumour, and antioxidative properties, bolstering your pet’s immune system and overall well-being.
– Iodine: Essential for thyroid hormone synthesis and function, iodine plays a crucial role in metabolic processes, neurological function, and maintaining healthy skin condition.


– Irish Kelp


Our Irish Kelp for Pets is conveniently formulated for easy administration, making it simple to incorporate into your pet’s daily routine. Simply follow the recommended dosage guidelines to provide your pet with the optimal level of nutrition and support.

Give your pet the gift of vibrant health and vitality with our Irish Kelp for Pets. Whether you’re looking to boost their overall wellness or address specific health concerns, our premium blend offers a natural and effective solution backed by the purity and potency of Ireland’s pristine marine environment.

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