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Introducing PLUTOS Chews, the innovative solution designed with safety and digestibility in mind. Unlike traditional chews that may splinter, PLUTOS Chews are crafted to provide a safe chewing experience from start to finish. Engineered to remain intact while being chewed, these chews minimize the risk of teeth breakage, choking hazards, or intestinal blockages, allowing dogs of all ages and sizes to enjoy them without worry.

Safety First:
PLUTOS Chews are meticulously engineered to ensure safety during chewing. Their unique design prevents splintering, providing a safer alternative to traditional chews. Whether your dog is a gentle chewer or more enthusiastic, PLUTOS Chews offer peace of mind for pet parents.

Digestibility Matters:
Digestibility is a top priority when selecting a chew, and PLUTOS Chews excel in this aspect. Made with casein, a lactose-free and low-fat milk protein, these chews are designed to be easily digestible, minimizing the risk of stomach discomfort or blockages if swallowed.

Dental Health Benefits:
PLUTOS Chews not only satisfy your dog’s chewing instinct but also contribute to their dental health. The inclusion of casein in our chews has an antibacterial effect, neutralizing harmful bacteria and preventing the formation of plaque, leading to fresher breath and healthier teeth. Additionally, the calcium-rich composition helps reinforce tooth enamel for added durability.

Natural and Nutritious:
Crafted from 100% natural high-quality milk protein, PLUTOS Chews are free from lactose and gluten, making them suitable for dogs with dietary sensitivities. The slow-digesting nature of casein protein helps burn calories and promotes a feeling of satiety, making it an excellent choice for dogs watching their weight.

Variety of Flavors and Sizes:
PLUTOS Chews come in a variety of natural flavors sourced from certified suppliers, including chicken, beef, chorizo, ham, salmon, lamb, duck, and peanut butter. Available in three sizes – Small for dogs up to 10kg, Medium for dogs weighing 10-20kg, and Large for dogs over 20kg – there’s a PLUTOS Chew suitable for every pup.

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Elevate your dog’s chewing experience with PLUTOS Chews, the safe, digestible, and flavorful option that promotes dental health and satisfies your dog’s natural instinct to chew.

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Cheese + Chicken, Beef + Cheese, Peanut Butter + Cheese


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