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Introducing our premium selection of Kidney Chunks, available in 1kg bags and packed with the rich flavors of lamb, pork, or beef. Each bag contains chunks of kidney meat, expertly cut into fist-size portions, providing a convenient and nutritious option for your pet’s meals.

Chunks of kidney (Lamb, Pork, or Beef) cut into fist-size portions

Our Kidney Chunks are made from high-quality kidney meat sourced from lamb, pork, or beef, ensuring a flavorful and protein-rich meal for your pet. Each piece is carefully selected and prepared to maintain its natural taste and nutritional value, providing your furry friend with a wholesome and satisfying dining experience.

Typical Analysis:
– Protein %
– Oil %
– Moisture %

While specific nutritional values may vary depending on the meat source, you can trust that our Kidney Chunks offer a balanced and nutritious meal option for your pet. Protein content supports muscle development and energy levels, while essential oils contribute to overall health and vitality. With optimal moisture levels, our chunks retain their juiciness and flavor, ensuring a palatable meal that your pet will love.

Our Kidney Chunks are perfect for pet owners seeking to provide their furry companions with a diet rich in natural proteins and essential nutrients. Whether you’re looking to add variety to your pet’s meals or simply want to treat them to a delicious and wholesome snack, our Kidney Chunks are sure to satisfy their cravings and keep them coming back for more.

Treat your pet to the irresistible taste and nutritional benefits of our Kidney Chunks today. With quality ingredients and a convenient packaging format, it’s never been easier to provide your pet with the nourishment they need to thrive. Choose our Kidney Chunks and give your pet a meal they’ll eagerly look forward to every time.

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