Jewelled Circus Collar


Elevate your feline friend’s style with our charming Plaid Pattern Cat Collar. Designed with both fashion and safety in mind, this collar features an attractive plaid pattern available in two delightful color combinations: Pink and Green, or Blue and Turquoise. Whether your cat is an outdoor explorer or a pampered indoor companion, this collar is the perfect accessory to showcase their personality.

Safety First with Breakaway Clip: We understand the importance of your cat’s safety. That’s why our collar is equipped with a breakaway clip. This feature ensures that if your cat ever finds themselves in a tight spot, the collar will easily release, preventing any potential harm. You can have peace of mind knowing your furry friend is protected.

A Sweet Jingle with a Bell: Our Plaid Pattern Cat Collar comes complete with a delightful bell. This small accessory provides a charming jingle with every movement, allowing you to keep tabs on your cat’s whereabouts, even when they’re feeling a bit sneaky.

Made for Comfort and Adjustability: Crafted with your cat’s comfort in mind, our collar is designed to be adjustable. This means you can customize the fit to ensure your cat feels snug and secure, without any discomfort or restriction.

Size: Our Plaid Pattern Cat Collar is suitable for a range of cat sizes, thanks to its adjustable feature. Whether you have a petite kitty or a more robust feline companion, this collar will provide the perfect fit.

Made From: The materials used in our Plaid Pattern Cat Collar are of high quality, providing durability and comfort for your cat. While the exact composition is proprietary, rest assured that it is designed with your cat’s well-being in mind.

Upgrade your cat’s wardrobe with our Plaid Pattern Cat Collar. Whether they’re exploring the great outdoors or lounging in luxury indoors, this collar combines safety, style, and comfort. Treat your feline friend to a collar that not only looks good but also prioritizes their well-being. Available in Pink and Green, or Blue and Turquoise, let your cat strut their stuff in style!

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Pink + Green, Blue + Turqouise


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