Fish Crunchies


Introducing our delectable Crunchies and Crunchies Plus fish treats – a delightful fusion of crisp, crunchy white and red fish, expertly blended with an array of flavorful, health-boosting herbs. Crafted to perfection, these treats are not only irresistibly tasty but also packed with nutritional benefits.

The Crunchies variant is a harmonious blend of red and white fish skins, offering a satisfyingly crunchy texture that dogs absolutely adore. Each bite is a symphony of natural fish goodness combined with a medley of aromatic herbs. These treats are a celebration of wholesome ingredients, making them a wholesome addition to your dog’s diet.

For an added health boost, we offer Crunchies Plus – a fortified version of our beloved Crunchies treats. In addition to the delightful fish and herb blend, Crunchies Plus contains essential supplements that support your dog’s overall well-being. These supplements are carefully selected to ensure they complement your dog’s diet and contribute to their health and vitality.

Both Crunchies and Crunchies Plus are available in convenient packs of 75g, providing you with a generous supply of these delectable treats. Whether you’re using them as a reward during training sessions or simply as a way to show your furry friend some love, our Crunchies range is sure to be met with wagging tails and eager anticipation.

At our core, we believe in providing pets with treats that are not only delicious but also contribute positively to their health. That’s why our Crunchies and Crunchies Plus are made with care and attention to detail, ensuring that your dog receives nothing but the best. Treat your furry companion to a flavorful experience that they’ll look forward to time and time again with our Crunchies range.

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