Eggshell Powder


Elevate your pet’s health with our premium Eggshell Powder, a natural source of essential minerals tailored to support overall well-being. This finely ground powder is not just an excellent source of calcium but also boasts an array of vital minerals, making it an indispensable addition to your pet’s diet.


Calcium-Rich for Strong Bones and Teeth: Our Eggshell Powder is rich in calcium, a crucial mineral for bone metabolism, ensuring your pet develops and maintains strong bones and healthy teeth. Adequate calcium intake is also vital for muscle function, aiding in the prevention of muscle cramps and promoting overall muscular health.

Essential Minerals for Comprehensive Health: Beyond calcium, our eggshell powder contains magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, and zinc. These minerals play pivotal roles in various bodily functions. Magnesium supports enzyme function and energy production, potassium is essential for nerve and muscle function, and sodium helps maintain fluid balance. Iron is crucial for oxygen transport, copper aids in iron metabolism and cardiovascular health, and zinc supports the immune system and skin health.

Highly Digestible and Bioavailable: Thanks to its fine grinding, our eggshell powder is easily digestible, ensuring maximum absorption of calcium and other minerals. The high bioavailability means that your pet’s body can efficiently utilize the nutrients, leading to better health outcomes.

Ideal for Dogs with Meat Allergies: If your dog is allergic to common meat proteins such as beef, chicken, or pork, our eggshell powder serves as a high-quality alternative to meat bones or meat bone meal. It provides the necessary calcium without the risk of allergic reactions, ensuring your pet gets the nutrients they need safely.

Perfect for Cooked Meat Preparations: Due to its low phosphorus and high calcium content, our eggshell powder is particularly suitable for supplementing cooked meat diets. It helps maintain the appropriate calcium-to-phosphorus ratio, essential for bone health, especially in homemade meals where this balance can often be challenging to achieve.

Easy to Use: Simply mix the eggshell powder into your pet’s food. It seamlessly integrates into both dry and wet food preparations, making it a convenient way to boost their mineral intake without altering the taste or texture of their meals.

Packaging Size: 400g

Our Eggshell Powder is the ideal mineral supplement for pets, offering a natural and highly effective way to ensure your pet gets the necessary nutrients for optimal health. Whether you’re looking to support strong bones and teeth, enhance muscle function, or provide a meat-free calcium source for an allergic pet, our Eggshell Powder is the perfect choice. Give your pet the gift of health with this nutrient-rich supplement.

Additional information


100% eggshells.
Single feed for dogs.

Typical Analysis

Analytical Constituents
Crude ash – 65%
Calcium – 35%

Feeding Recommendation

Feeding Recommendation
1g of SANADOG eggshell powder contains approximately 350mg of calcium.

1 teaspoon is approximately 5g.

The daily calcium requirement is about 50 – 90mg Ca/kg body weight. Pregnant and lactating bitches, as well as growing puppies, require up to 180mg Ca/kg body weight.


Storage Instructions
Store in a cool, light-protected, closed, and dry place, always use a clean, dry spoon for extraction.


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