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Introducing our sustainable and entertaining pet toys crafted from eco-friendly jute, complemented by a soft suede covering. Jute, a natural plant fiber, forms the foundation of these toys, while the suede overlay ensures that no part of this valuable material goes to waste.

Our toys are not only fun and engaging but also built to last. They’re constructed without the use of any additional compounds that could pose a threat if chewed. Plus, rest easy knowing that our jute toys are 100% biodegradable, prioritizing both your pet’s enjoyment and environmental responsibility.

Please note that this product is designed exclusively for play and is not intended for consumption. As a safety precaution, always supervise your pet during playtime with toys. If your pet attempts to swallow any pieces or chunks, promptly remove the toy from their reach.

While our toys are durable and designed for long-lasting entertainment, it’s important to remember that no toy is completely indestructible. We prioritize your pet’s safety, and recommend replacing any heavily worn or damaged toys to prevent any potential hazards.

Choose our jute and suede toys for a blend of sustainability, durability, and playfulness. Treat your pet to a toy that not only provides hours of enjoyment but also reflects your commitment to the environment. Elevate playtime with a toy that embodies our dedication to quality and responsibility.

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Audrey the Avocado, Austin the Aubergine, Barry the Banana, Candice the Carrot, Carlos the Crab, Colin the Crocodile, Delilah the Duckess, Derrick the Donut, Desmond the Duck, Dino the Dyno Fish, Floyd the Flamingo, Francois Le Frog, Jean Genie the Gingerbread Person, Lenny the Leek, Libby the Lemon, Lionel the Llama, Olive the Octopus, Peggy the Pig, Ronnie the Rhino, Rudy the Reindeer, Sancho the Satsuma, Sid the Squid, Smorg from Green Planet, Spike the Spider, Stanley the Starfish, Terry the Turnip


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