Dusting Neem Kaolin Powder for pets


Discover the power of nature with our 100% natural Dusting Neem Kaolin Powder for pets. This gentle, talc-free formula combines the traditional benefits of neem leaf and pharmaceutical-grade British Kaolin clay to provide soothing relief for minor skin rashes and irritation.

Perfect for pets that prefer to avoid water, our Dusting Neem Kaolin Powder offers a gentle alternative to traditional bathing. We’ve carefully crafted this formula based on popular demand, returning to our original recipe to bring you a tried-and-true solution for your pet’s skin care needs.

At Naturally Healthy Pets, we believe in the power of nature’s remedies. That’s why we use organic, fair-trade neem leaf combined with high-quality British Kaolin clay. This combination creates a highly absorbent powder that helps calm and soothe your pet’s skin, providing relief from irritation.

In addition to its soothing properties, our Dusting Neem Kaolin Powder also serves as an effective flea deterrent, making it an excellent addition to your pet’s grooming routine. The natural elements in this powder work harmoniously to keep pests at bay, offering your pet a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Each container holds 100g of this remarkable powder, ensuring you have an ample supply to keep your pet’s skin in optimal condition. With our Dusting Neem Kaolin Powder, you can trust that you’re providing your furry companion with a safe and effective skin care solution.

Experience the natural goodness of neem leaf and pharmaceutical-grade Kaolin clay with our Dusting Neem Kaolin Powder for pets. Say goodbye to minor skin irritations and hello to a happier, more comfortable pet. Choose Naturally Healthy Pets for a product that’s as devoted to your pet’s well-being as you are.


100% Pure & Natural (TALC FREE) Blend of:
British Superfine pharmaceutical grade Kaolin clay
Organically grown & Fairly Traded Neem leaf powder 


Dusting Neem Kaolin Powder for pets: Use once or twice per day, for the general comfort of your pet.

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