Duck Hearts


Introducing our Ethically Sourced Raw Duck Hearts, a natural and nutrient-rich addition to your pet’s diet. Sourced with care and integrity from The Dogs Butcher, these whole duck hearts offer a range of health benefits that contribute to your pet’s overall well-being.

Each pack contains 1kg of whole raw duck hearts, providing a generous supply of this nutritious treat. Duck hearts are a fantastic source of essential nutrients, including protein, iron, and B vitamins. They also offer a natural source of taurine, an amino acid important for heart health in cats.

At The Dogs Butcher, we prioritize ethical sourcing, ensuring that our products meet high standards of animal welfare and quality. These duck hearts come from trusted and responsible sources, providing you with a product you can feel good about giving to your pet.

Feeding your pet raw, unprocessed foods is a choice that supports their optimal health. These duck hearts are exactly that—raw and unaltered, preserving their natural goodness and flavor. This raw form ensures that your pet receives the full spectrum of nutrients, allowing them to thrive and maintain overall well-being.

Incorporating our Ethically Sourced Raw Duck Hearts into your pet’s diet is a wonderful way to offer them a wholesome and nutritious treat. Whether served as an occasional indulgence or included in their regular meals, these hearts are sure to become a favorite. Their natural texture and rich flavor will have your pet eagerly anticipating treat time.

Choose our Ethically Sourced Raw Duck Hearts for a high-quality, natural addition to your pet’s diet. With no artificial additives or processing, you can trust that you’re providing the very best for your furry companion. Watch as they savor the nutrient-dense goodness of these duck hearts, knowing that you’re supporting their health and happiness.



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