Crispy Beef Testie Pieces 100g


Introducing our Crispy Beef Testie Pieces in a convenient 100g pack, a savory delight for your furry friend. These slices of dried Beef Testes are expertly prepared to create a crispy, flavorful treat that dogs absolutely adore.

Beef Testicle treats have gained popularity among dog owners seeking natural and wholesome options. Our Beef Testicle crisps are made from pure, 100% Beef, offering a rich source of protein that’s not only delicious but also highly digestible. This natural protein boost is a great addition to your pet’s diet, and the enticing flavor and texture are sure to win your dog’s heart. Additionally, they serve as an excellent alternative treat for dogs on a low-fat, high-protein regimen.

In addition to their protein-packed goodness, our Beef Testicle treats are gluten and lactose-free, with absolutely no artificial additives. This makes them an excellent choice for discerning pet owners who want the very best for their furry companions.

Beef is a favored protein for dogs, known for its nutritional benefits and palatability. Beyond being a cost-effective choice, Beef provides a vital source of energy and supports muscle health. It also delivers essential amino acids crucial for digestion.

Opting for Beef Testicle Crisps is a smart and healthy way to diversify your dog’s protein intake. These treats are au naturel, unprocessed, and offer a low-fat alternative for your pet. If Beef Testicle Crisps aren’t what you’re seeking, we offer a variety of other low-fat Beef treat options, including Beef Lips, Cow Ears with Fur-On, and XL Cow Ears for larger dogs.

For your pet’s safety, always supervise them while they enjoy their treats to prevent any potential choking or gulping during consumption.

Ingredients: 100% dried meat

Nutritional Profile:

  • Crude Protein: 70%
  • Crude Fat: 14%
  • Moisture: 8%

Elevate your dog’s treat game with our Crispy Beef Testie Pieces. With a focus on natural nutrition and taste, these treats are bound to become a favorite. Say yes to a wholesome, protein-rich snack that supports your dog’s overall well-being. Choose quality, choose flavor, choose Crispy Beef Testie Pieces.

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