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Nutriment’s Complete Cat Food, available in delectable Chicken or Beef flavors, is a meticulously crafted formula designed to provide essential nutrition for your beloved feline companions. Crafted with the highest-quality raw meats and nutrient-dense superfoods, this cat food ensures that your cat receives the optimal balance of nutrients for their overall health and well-being.

This premium cat food is thoughtfully formulated to be biologically appropriate, meaning it aligns with the natural dietary needs of cats. The carefully selected ingredients are not only easily digestible but also irresistibly flavorful, guaranteeing that your cat will relish every mealtime. Plus, the formula is entirely free from grains, fillers, additives, and preservatives commonly found in commercial cat food, which can potentially harm your cat’s health.

In the Beef flavor variant, Nutriment’s formula contains a blend of British Beef Heart and Chicken with Bone, complemented by British Beef Kidney and Liver. Additionally, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil is included to provide vital Omega-3 fatty acids. The incorporation of Raw Sea Kelp Powder and Spirulina Powder enhances the nutrient profile, while Wheat Germ Oil contributes natural vitamin E. This careful combination results in a balanced and nutritious meal for your cat.

For those who prefer Chicken, the formula centers around British Chicken with Bone, perfectly balanced with British Beef Heart, Beef Kidney, and the essential addition of Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil. This combination ensures a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids for skin and coat health. Raw Sea Kelp Powder, Spirulina Powder, and Wheat Germ Oil complete the recipe, offering a comprehensive array of vital nutrients for your feline friend.

Both variants of Nutriment’s Complete Cat Food are available in convenient 500g tubs, making mealtime a breeze. Prioritizing raw feeding and adhering to BARF principles, Nutriment ensures that only natural, raw, and top-quality ingredients are used, maintaining the original nutritional integrity of the food. With Nutriment, you can trust that your cat is receiving the very best in nourishment for a happy, healthy, and vibrant life.

Beef Ingredients: British Beef Heart 63%, British Chicken with Bone (dressed carcasses) 30%, (British Beef Kidney, British Beef Liver 6%), Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Beef Nutritional Analysis: Moisture: 63.2%, Protein: 17.2%, Fat: 13.6%,, Ash (inorganic matter): 2.8%, Fibre:0.5%, Taurine: 871 mg/kg, Omega-3 fatty acid mg/100g  2.99, Omega-6 fatty acid mg/100g  0.91, Calcium: 0.602%, Phosphorus: 0.529%, Sodium: 0.1%, Potassium: 0.41%, Vitamin A IU/100g: 365, Vitamin C mg/100g: 1.1, Vitamin D IU/100g: 19, Vitamin E mg/100g: 1.66, B6 mg/100g: 0.1, B12 mcg/100g: 3.0, Calcium / Phosphorus ratio: 1.13


Chicken Ingredients: British Chicken with Bone (dressed carcasses), British Beef Heart, British Beef Kidney, Scottish Cold Water Salmon Oil, Raw Sea Kelp Powder (Laminaria japonica), Spirulina Powder (Spirulina platensis), Wheat Germ Oil (natural vitamin E)

Chicken Nutritional Analysis: Moisture: 64.6%, Protein: 17.1%, Fat:11.4%,, Ash (inorganic matter): 3.1%, Fibre: 0.4%, Carbohydrates: 0.3%, Omega-3 fatty acid mg/100g: 3.13, Omega-6 fatty acid mg/100g: 0.85, Calcium: 0.632%, Phosphorus: 0.538%, Potassium: 0.41%, Sodium: 0.4%, Vitamin A IU/100g: 358, Vitamin C mg/100g: 2.1, Vitamin D IU/100g: 21, Vitamin E mg/100g: 1.49, B6 mg/100g: 0.08, B12 mcg/100g: 2.2, Calcium / Phosphorus ratio: 1.08/1, Taurine 825mg/kg

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