Catnip Spritz


Elevate your cat’s playtime with Cosmic Gold Catnip Spray, a specially cultivated catnip blend designed to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience. Grown with care, this unique catnip variant boasts an exceptionally potent and aromatic content, ensuring that only a few spritzes are needed to captivate your feline friend.

Our Cosmic Gold Catnip Spray is crafted with your cat’s safety and enjoyment in mind. The formula is free from dyes and toxins, providing a pure and unadulterated catnip experience. You can feel confident in knowing that you’re offering your beloved pet a product that prioritizes their well-being.

Each bottle contains 113.39g of this premium catnip spray, offering you a generous supply that will last through many engaging play sessions. With just a light misting, you’ll activate the natural compounds in the catnip that are known to induce a range of joyful behaviors in cats. From playful antics to contented relaxation, your cat is bound to appreciate the enriching effects of Cosmic Gold Catnip Spray.

Please note that this product is intended exclusively for feline use and is not suitable for children or human consumption. The non-toxic formula ensures that your cat can enjoy their playtime without any worries.

The ingredients in our Cosmic Gold Catnip Spray are simple and effective: water, soap, and catnip oil. This minimalist approach ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for your cat, without the need for unnecessary additives or preservatives.

Enhance your cat’s playtime routine with Cosmic Gold Catnip Spray, the ultimate feline enrichment tool. Whether used on toys, scratchers, or bedding, this spray will infuse your cat’s surroundings with the irresistible allure of catnip. Watch as your furry friend revels in moments of uninhibited playfulness and relaxation, thanks to the potent properties of Cosmic Gold.

Bring home a bottle of Cosmic Gold Catnip Spray and treat your cat to an experience that’s out of this world. Witness the magic that unfolds when your cat encounters the aromatic allure of this specially crafted catnip blend. With Cosmic Gold, playtime reaches new heights of joy and excitement for your beloved feline companion.

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