Canident Seaweed Supplement


Elevate your dog’s well-being with Canident Seaweed Supplement – a completely natural and chemical-free addition to their diet. Sourced from the pristine Atlantic coast of Ireland, this supplement comprises brown seaweeds carefully selected for their exceptional health benefits.

Canident works harmoniously within your dog’s system, promoting holistic health from the inside out. Its systemic approach sets it apart, ensuring your furry companion thrives in every aspect of their well-being.

One of the standout benefits of Canident is its remarkable impact on oral health. The specific seaweeds chosen have demonstrated the ability to make plaque buildup more brittle, making it easier to manage through standard dental practices. This natural solution offers a proactive approach to maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene.

Beyond dental benefits, Canident is a valuable aid in weight management. The inclusion of alginate, a polysaccharide found in brown algae, contributes to a feeling of satiety and can support weight reduction efforts. While seaweed alone won’t magically shed pounds, it can be a valuable component of a comprehensive weight-reduction plan.

The blend of three brown seaweeds in Canident, sustainably harvested off the West Irish coast, offers a host of nutritional and antioxidant benefits for your pet. Notably, it is lower in iodine compared to Laminaria, making it a versatile supplement suitable for various dietary needs.

Incorporating Canident into your pet’s routine is seamless and hassle-free. Simply add this natural supplement to their regular meals for an effortless boost to their overall health.

Embrace this chemical-free, all-natural addition to your dog’s diet and witness the positive impact it has on their vitality and overall quality of life. Elevate their well-being with Canident today!


These plants just keep on giving! Alginate is a fancy term for a polysaccharide (sugar) that is found in the cell walls of brown algae, which forms the gel inside seaweed.  This is often exploited as a stabiliser in many human food products. This is what gives them a tasty, smooth texture (hence you will find them in ice creams, salad dressings, fruit juices, yoghurt, etc). These can have a positive effect on body weight. A large review study of the available literature finds the following:


“The majority of studies assessing the short-term effects of alginate consumption indicate that alginate may increase satiety, reduce energy intake and support weight reduction. Mechanisms suggested for these effects include delayed gastric clearance, stimulation of gastric stretch receptors and attenuated nutrient absorption”


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