Butchers Tinned Cat Food


Indulge your feline friend in the wholesome goodness of Butcher’s Classic Cat Food, a nutritionally balanced and complete natural diet suitable for cats of all ages, from playful kittens to wise seniors. Crafted with care in the UK, our recipes draw upon three generations of British farming heritage and pet care expertise to ensure your cat enjoys a meal that nourishes both body and soul.

At Butcher’s, we prioritize quality, which is why our recipes are high in protein, gluten-free, and contain no artificial additives. Instead, we focus on delivering delicious, meaty and fishy flavors that cats adore, all sourced and prepared to provide the essential nutrients needed for their health and happiness.

With this pack of 12 400g tins, you’re providing your cat with 24-15 days’ worth of delectable meals, based on feeding them 2-3 sachets per day. Each tin is the equivalent of approximately four standard cat food sachets. For those who feed their feline companions twice a day, one tin will generously cover two meals, even leaving a bit extra for the next serving. Meanwhile, if your cat enjoys three meals a day, one tin ensures they’re satisfied for the entire day and even extends to cover a portion of the next morning’s feast.

These tins are a versatile choice for cats of all sizes, but particularly suit larger breeds. The use of all-natural ingredients goes a step further, supporting your cat’s overall well-being. Elevate your cat’s dining experience with Butcher’s Classic Cat Food, where every meal is a testament to our dedication to quality and your cat’s contentment. Watch your feline friend thrive on the nourishment of a diet that’s made with love and expertise.

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