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Elevate your dog’s snacking experience with our meticulously prepared Beef Spleens. Packed with essential nutrients, these treats are more than just a delightful chew – they’re a source of vital vitamins crucial for your furry friend’s well-being. Rich in Pantothenic Acid, also known as Vitamin B5, these spleens play a crucial role in energy production, ensuring your pet stays active and lively. Additionally, they’re a powerhouse of Vitamin B12, which supports a healthy nervous system, reduces stress, and alleviates depression. With each bite, your dog receives not only a flavorful delight but also a boost to their overall vitality and mental well-being.

To create these wholesome treats, we keep it simple. The Beef Spleens are carefully roasted and air-dried, locking in the natural goodness and irresistible flavor. This meticulous process results in a long-lasting chew that’s sure to captivate your dog’s attention for hours. This makes it an exceptional choice for promoting dental hygiene – as your pet chews, they engage in a natural behavior that helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up, contributing to healthy teeth and gums.

Our Beef Spleens are available in a convenient 100g pack, providing you with the perfect portion for rewarding your pup. Whether it’s during training sessions or as an occasional treat, these spleens offer a delectable and nutritious option that your dog will eagerly anticipate.


  • 100% Pure Beef Spleen

Our commitment to quality shines through in our ingredient list. You won’t find any additives, fillers, or preservatives here – just pure, unadulterated beef spleen. This ensures that your pet receives a treat that aligns perfectly with their natural dietary needs.

Nutritional Analysis:

  • Typical Analysis: N/A

While specific percentages may not be available, you can trust that our Beef Spleens are a rich source of essential nutrients, providing a valuable addition to your pet’s diet.

Elevate your pet’s snacking experience with our Beef Spleens. Beyond the delectable flavor, they offer a range of benefits for your dog’s vitality and dental health. Treat your furry friend to the natural goodness they deserve.

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