Aloe First Spray


Forever Aloe First Spray is a soothing formula made using stabilized Forever Living Aloe Vera gel.

This natural soothing spray contains bee propolis and a blend of select herbs and eleven powerful plant extracts. The calming Aloe mist with botanical ingredients is ideal for small wounds, scrapes, burns, and sunburn.

For generations Aloe Vera has been used as a skin treatment to soothe and relieve irritation. Forever Aloe First Spray contains bee propolis, which increases the Aloe gel’s soothing properties and is ideal for keeping in your first-aid kit or medicine cabinet.
Forever Aloe First Natural Soothing Spray

The pH-balanced spray is simple to use and quickly starts to work!

Aloe First has the added benefit of being good for your hair. It acts as a strong shield between your hair and the outside weather elements.

Make sure you have a bottle of this multi-purpose spray on hand so you can take advantage of Aloe Vera’s fast-acting, soothing capabilities whenever you need it!

Every Aloe leaf is hand-filleted on Forever’s own farms to ensure only the purest, best quality Aloe Vera goes in your products. Aloe First Natural Soothing Spray is vegetarian friendly, gluten free and certified by The International Aloe Science Council.

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