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Introducing our range of meticulously balanced Natural Cat Food, crafted to provide a comprehensive and nourishing diet for your feline companion. We understand the importance of a varied diet, which is why our formulations strike the perfect balance:

  • 70-80% Muscle-meat: Sourced from high-quality beef, chicken, or salmon, this forms the cornerstone of our cat food.

  • 10-15% Bone: For essential calcium and dental health, included in carefully measured proportions.

  • 10-20% Offal: Packed with vital nutrients, our recipes feature organ meats to round out the nutritional profile.

Our commitment to quality extends to the texture as well. Each 250g pack is expertly minced to a precise 6mm consistency, ensuring an easily digestible and palatable mealtime experience.


  1. Beef and Chicken: A harmonious blend of 70% beef (including meaty tongue bones, heart, liver, and kidney) and 30% meaty chicken backs.

  2. Chicken: Pure chicken goodness, comprising meaty backs (65%), heart (20%), stomach (10%), and liver (5%).

  3. Rabbit: Wholesome rabbit components, featuring meaty backs (67%), heart, lung, liver, kidney, and ears.

  4. Lamb and Fish: A nutritious fusion of 35% salmon (including bodies and heads), 35% lamb (with heart, liver, lung, and meaty ribs), and 30% whole herring.

  5. Turkey: A turkey-centric recipe, with meaty backs (35%), heart, meat, necks, and liver making up the blend.

Our dedication to your cat’s well-being is reflected in the typical analysis:

  • Beef and Chicken: Moisture 70%, Protein 17%, Fat 12%, Ash 2%, Calcium 0.6%, Phosphorus 0.4%, Energy 171kcal/100g.

  • Chicken: Moisture 69%, Ash 3%, Protein 16%, Calcium 0.8%, Fat 13%, Phosphorus 0.4%, Energy 178 kcal/100g.

  • Rabbit: Protein 18%, Calcium 0.9%, Fat 13%, Phosphorus 0.5%, Energy 186 kcal/100g.

  • Lamb and Fish: Moisture 67%, Ash 4%, Protein 16%, Calcium 0.8%, Fat 12%, Phosphorus 0.6%, Energy 172 kcal/100g.

  • Turkey: Moisture: 71%, Protein 15%, Fat 10%, Ash 3%, Calcium 1%, Phosphorus 0.5%, Fibre 0.2%, Energy 149 kcal/100g.

Elevate your cat’s dining experience with our thoughtfully curated Natural Cat Food range. With us, you’re not just feeding a pet; you’re nurturing a cherished member of your family.

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Beef and Chicken, Chicken, Lamb and Fish, Rabbit, Turkey


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