100% Just Meat Strips


Treat your canine companion to the ultimate delight with our 100% meat strips – a sumptuous, protein-packed reward that’s sure to get tails wagging! Crafted from a single, high-quality protein source, these thick, hearty strips offer a substantial treat experience for your furry friend.

Choose from an array of 14 exquisite proteins, each delivering a unique flavour and nutritional profile. Whether it’s the bold richness of Beef, the savoury taste of Chicken, or the wild game allure of Venison, there’s a variety to suit every palate.

These meaty strips are available in 200g. Whether you’re reinforcing good behaviour during training sessions or simply pampering your pet, these treats are a surefire hit.

We understand the importance of providing wholesome, high-quality nutrition to your beloved pet. That’s why our meat strips contain no fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients – just pure, unadulterated meat goodness.

For the health-conscious pet owner, our typical analysis provides the reassurance you seek. With high protein content and balanced fat levels, these treats make for a satisfying addition to your dog’s diet.

Elevate treat time with these delectable 100% meat strips. Your furry companion will relish the authentic taste of pure, unprocessed meat, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re offering them a treat that’s as wholesome as it is delicious. So go ahead, let your pup savour the natural flavours they love!


Beef: 100% Beef
Boar: 100% Pork
Chicken: 100% Chicken
Deer/Venison: 100% Deer
Goose: 100% Goose
Lamb: 100% Lamb
Rabbit: 100% Rabbit
Turkey: 100% Turkey
Wild Boar: 100% Wild Boar

Typical Analysis

Beef: Moisture 9.1%, Fat 21.9%, Fibre 0.8%, Ash 11.9%
Chicken: Moisture 8.7%, Fat 28.7%, Fibre 0.6%, Ash 7.2%
Deer/Venison: Moisture 7.0%, Fat 20.4%, Fibre 0.8%, Ash 16.1%
Goose: Moisture 10.0%, Fat 15%, Fibre 0.5%, Ash 15%, Protein 55.0%
Lamb: Moisture 8.5%, Fat 22.7%, Fibre 0.6%, Ash 18.3%
Rabbit: Moisture 9.6%, Fat 26.1%, Fibre 2.0%, Ash 10.3%
Turkey: Moisture 8.0%, Fat 25.5%, Fibre 1.1%, Ash 11.5%
Wild Boar: Moisture 7.6%, Fat 27.1%, Fibre 0.9%, Ash 11.5

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Boar, Duck, Lamb, Rabbit, Venison


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